Jen Halloran
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Whether a speech for a CEO, a brochure about recycling, or a label for a can of beans, Jennifer writes words that must inspire, educate and motivate people to act.

Throughout her 20-year career, she’s honed skills as a copywriter and editor, corporate communications director, PR agency strategist, and communications consultant for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. She’s written and edited magazines, annual reports, newsletters, white papers, blog posts and web content. And about cans of beans.

Born and raised in the East, Jennifer moved to metro Phoenix 12 years ago and, with the possible exception of the entire months of July and August, has never looked back. Unlike many writers, she isn’t working on a novel. Rather, she loves helping others tell their story – for their business, their brand, or their childrens’ children. And since launching her freelance business, Edit by Design, in early 2007, she feels incredibly lucky to get to do just that.

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