Todd McQueen
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Todd McQueen(Todd designed the 26 Blocks logo)

Phoenix-based digital photo illustrator + re-touching artist + interactive Flash multimedia developer/designer Todd McQueen is seriously off the radar. You won’t find his physically fit, six-foot-five form mingling in big groups, running up and introducing himself at the local AIGA meeting, or hanging among the espresso-infused glow screens at Phoenix, Arizona’s local coffee havens for the creative design community.

His connections are his clients; has been for the 10+ years he’s worked as an independent professional. He’s produced high-end print and new media work for Fortune 500 companies, plastic surgeons, architects, advertising agencies, wealth managers, law firms, custom home builders and other such clients from Los Angeles to New York, Scottsdale to Denver, Milwaukee to Chicago.

His range is substantial. McQueen says he retouches photos “to improve even the best photographers work”. He manipulates strong-willed photos “with Jedi-like mind tricks” and uses photo illustration “to invent a new reality via great ideas and exceptional execution”.

“I’ve been developing a pure illustration style. I do it in Photoshop but it’s not remotely Photo-shoppy. It doesn’t look like digital illustration.”

View Todd McQueen’s website.

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