Joey Robert Parks
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Joey is the founder and creative director of 26 Blocks.

November 12, 2009.
Charles Wells – an extraordinarily gifted composer, pianist and instructor; the fourth teacher in a direct line from Brahms; Joey’s best friend and best man at his wedding, passes away abruptly and unexpectedly. He was 49.

Within days, 26 Blocks–an idea Joey had a few weeks before but wasn’t doing anything with– is baptized in a wave of fire (“What am I waiting for?”) and his idea goes from a thumbnail sketch to opening exhibit reception in six months between November 12, 2009 and May 7, 2010.

Parks pays his bills as a ghostwriter for successful entrepreneurs . He lives his life as an enthusiast. When he talks with people, he sees potential. When he walks through Phoenix’s bricks and blocks, glass and grass, skyscrapers and sidewalks, he sees possibilities. His passion for Phoenix is driven by his love of the people who live here, notably his wife, Lisa.

Parks is a gregarious storyteller when it comes to his life’s (mis)adventures. But he’s most excited about helping other people tell their own stories, be they written, said aloud, put on a pedestal or hung on a wall. Which is why he’s so happy you’re here at 26 and eager to see the exhibit in it’s bigger, bolder, enhanced, and expanded edition at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

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