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The rumors surrounding Igor Brezhnev are many, and include tales of a man who can walk through walls, hide within plain sight, and seemingly emerge from that imperceptible point between light and darkness — that intangible place between this world and the next. Does Brezhnev simply create successful business identities, Web sites and logos, or are his works magic sigils designed to invoke wealth and draw in prosperity to business or creative endeavors? Whether one believes in the forces unseen or not, it is certain that Igor Brezhnev truly generates “Ideas for Success.”

Brezhnev is a Phoenix-based marketing consultant, designer, art director and technical advisor, specializing in branding, identity and graphic design for nearly any project. Drawing on over eight years’ experience, Igor’s portfolio clearly demonstrates his skill and passion toward his craft. Mr. Brezhnev can appease the gods of commerce and the arts by writing magic rituals, cleverly disguised as memorable marketing plans and art projects, designed specifically for each client. Is it too much to suggest that Igor is indeed an ‘idea shaman’?

By retaining Mr. Brezhnev, you will sit with him at the long table within his lodge (or at a café, pub, or your place of business) and receive his wise counsel. Share with Igor your dreams and aspirations, and stoke the flames beneath the alchemist’s furnace. Cut the deck and choose your cards, or let the runes be cast, and allow this idea shaman to interpret your path to prosperity.

By Robert W. Usher III in April 2008 for Upper Himalayan Centennial publication

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