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Tim LantermanDogs make good subjects. I should know. At one time I had nine of them. They don’t talk back. They’re not fussy about what food is on the set and they rarely divulge the ugly goings-on in their relationships. On the other hand, dogs don’t get paid and it’s not easy getting a mortgage when your credentials are busy marking the bank offices. So, in addition to photographing dogs, I try to squeeze in people.

Sometimes the people are inspiring. Like the folks I shot for the US Olympic Committee and the amazing kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Sometimes they’re just friends getting married. Sometimes I shoot weird stuff, like album covers for trance bands or floating oilcans or hair. Hair is weird.

And once in a great while, I get a dream gig – a shoot like that can keep you psyched for years. I like being a photographer. I’ve been doing it on my own for about 20 years. I helped other shooters before I went out on my own. And my folks always helped and supported me before all that. Kind of like a big wild circle of karma. Bet you didn’t think you’d see the word karma when you read the first word of this bio….

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