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Jeff NewtonHis images are an extension of himself, showcasing his incredible celebrity portraiture and editorial work. Though Newton has a love for barriers in his photography, his advertising- and editorial-based portraits seem to know no bounds, as clients reach out to him from Phoenix, Los Angeles and beyond.
A quick peek into his routine blogging reveals the ongoing clamor for all that is inventive, engaging and pure Newtonian; from January 2009’s Indiana flight to shoot NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart for an Armor All advertising campaign (“He was a pretty cool cat. And we were rockin’ some crazy cool music the entire shoot.”) to his first campaign for Nike’s Pro Combat line (his third shoot of Amare Stoudemire). The other Newton said that an object would remain at rest or in a uniform motion in a straight line unless it was acted upon by an external force.

Whether it’s Jeff Newton’s photographs or the vision of the man himself that acts so powerfully upon national advertising and editorial perceptions, one cannot say for sure. That Newton produces all out campaigns that rock, is simply the law of the lens.

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