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Denny CollinsDenny Collins received a BA in photography from ASU in 1987. He regularly shoots corporate, medical, architectural and executive portraits. A sampling of his clients includes Verizon Wireless, University of Phoenix, M & I Bank, Newsweek Magazine, Banner Hospitals, Bashes, and Gannett Publications. His specialty is photographing people in their environment. In his personal work, he loves to shoot landscapes and wildlife when the opportunity arises.

“Many times throughout life, I’ve wondered which of the five senses I would give up if I had to choose one to live without.”

The Beatles changed the way I listened to music when I really heard music for the first time. It wasn’t their mop-headed “yeah, yeah, yeah” that influenced me. I can remember sitting in my friend’s living room on a rainy day listening to Sergeant Pepper for the first time. Music became an extremely powerful ally at that moment and continued to be for many years. I would never want to loose my ability to hear.

Touch is huge. Smelling, not so important; taste either. I always wished scientists could create a pill that would provide all the nutrition and stave off hunger. I’d be first in line.

Sight has always been the most important. I’ve spent many years enjoying all my eyes can absorb. As a young man, I had wanderlust to see and visit other places, so I hitched cross-country several times until I saw most of this country, then hit Europe, and eventually through photography assignments, visited all the continents except South America, and the North and South poles. I couldn’t get enough visual stimulation. I studied people, their culture, lands, and loved every second.

Everywhere I traveled I carried my camera as a constant companion. I shot sparingly because film was more expensive than a loaf of bread. Regardless of where I visited I was compelled to capture images to share with others. Unfortunately, Ektachrome wasn’t archival, so most of those images are badly faded – but my memories are vivid.

My passion for photography has never faded. Interpreting what I see through photos is still an overwhelming desire that overrides any other ability to express my thoughts.”

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