Dayvid LeMmon
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Dayvid LemmonFormally trained in traditional black and white photography, he is entirely self-taught in digital techniques. Growing up during photography’s transition from film to digital has provided him both a strong background and unique insight into his medium’s technical and artistic possibilities. Utilizing the latest digital capture technologies, and manipulating his work in post-production to the highest degree, he strives to push the expected boundaries of this dawning medium while maintaining references to it’s past. He encodes references to technology, electronic communication, mass media, spirituality, religion, architecture, and science, but insists there is no direct interpretation of the scenes contained in his prints. He provides a springboard for the viewer, who is invited to bring their unique perspective to arrive at their own conclusions. Dayvid LeMmon, 27, lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona and has exhibited his work in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New York City, Miami, Cologne and Berlin. He is a recipient of the Arizona Arts Commission’s Artist Project Grant for 2010.

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