Brandon Sullivan
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Brandon Sullivan

After attending Central Michigan University earning  degrees in both fine art photography and psychology, followed by a three year stint working in finance, Sullivan headed south to Arizona where he turned his love of photography into a full-time occupation.  A visual storyteller and portrait seeker he aims to entertain at times yet find the true subject somewhere in all of it simultaneously, be it shooting celebrities, athletes, or the guy next door.

Today, with far reaching clients such as Frito Lay, Miller Beer, Grand Canyon University, APS, Hotel Casa Del Mar, Lunesta, Wired, Shape, Bon Appetite, Inc., Forbes, and so on, Sullivan is one of the most well respected photographers in the Phoenix Metro area.  His fine art has been shown in numbers galleries and museums around the states, including locally at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Now, take the photographic world of Brandon Sullivan and fuse it with the illustrative world of Kyle Lane where collaborative designs burst through traditionally framed boundaries of visual storytelling.  With their unique visual form that combines the most crucial aspects of each of their distinctive talents they are making an altogether integrated and innovative style now referred to as fotostration. They’re represented by the prestigious Elizabeth Pojé + Associates.

Sullivan works out of and co-owns Legend City Studios. The 7,000-sqft. studio is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix and is often considered one of the premier studios and gallery spaces in the area. It is from this studio that Brandon Sullivan will continue to produce launch from for years to come.

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