Debut & Tour

Before 26 Blocks opened to the public, The Arizona Republic declared the collaborative art exhibit, "The #1 thing to do in Phoenix on the weekend of May 7th, 2010."

The debut of 26 Blocks at After Hours Gallery saw the largest opening the gallery ever had, with over 1000 in attendance.

The exhibit toured Phoenix for 14 straight month's (to the enjoyment and education of nearly 1/2 million Phoenicians and visitors).

That's what we did.

The Buzz

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The Photographers Andy DeLisle Bill Timmerman Brad Armstrong Brandon Sullivan Chris Loomis Christiaan Blok Dan Vermillion Dayvid Lemmon Denny Colins Ellen Barnes Jason Grubb Jeff Newton Jesse Rieser John Covington Jon Balinkie Mark Peterman Michael Lundgren Rick Gayle Andrew Urban Rodney Rascona Scott Baxter Stephen Dreiseszun Tim Lanterman Tony Blei Tyson Crosbie Werner Segarra

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The Writers Andrea Avery Ashlea Deahl Betty Webb Dallas Gold Daniel Severn Frey David Tyda Ed Sweet Jeffrey Brooker Fischer Jen Halloran Joe Bardin Joey Robert Parks John Lindauer Jonathan Clark Karen Werner Lauren Gilger Len Gutman Malia Politzer Steve Price Paul Atkinson Paul Messinger Sally Ball Scott Hermanson Steven Beschloss Tim McDonald T.M. McNally Walt Lockley
The 26 Blocks Team Joey Robert Parks Chris Tingom Tornado Todd McQueen Melissa Wenzel Igor Brezhnev Katie Decker After Hours Gallery
26 Blocks was created, directed, and produced by Joey Robert Parks. Beyond the featured artists, everything else about 26 Blocks and this website was realized by: Chris Tingom and Tornado Design, with Todd McQueen, Rafael Navarro, Melissa Wenzel, Tony Blei, Katie Decker, and After Hours Gallery.
Think inside the block.